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Italy from cloud nine

Imagine a warm sunny day, a little breeze that plays with your hairs. Your working week belongs to someone else right here, right now. Close your eyes and relax. Breath deeply, calmly. You feel uplifted. You are so light you feel like flying.

A walk in the clouds

Wait a second. But you are actually flying! The silence around you is as softs as cream, except from a warm noise that gives rhythm to your journey. The blue sky is all around you and even below you. Further down, you find a colourful hilly land, a green and brown chessboard with lakes, rivers and, coming towards you, the high peaks of the Alps.

But no worries, you are flying on an air balloon and just next to you there is Fabrizio, the pilot, who is smiling, his gaze lost in the distance and somehow very present. You feel he’s brought you in his personal piece of heaven, you feel you are lucky for being in a place you never thought you could reach.

Flying above the Alps, your hart filled with a silent excitement, you learn to look at things from a new perspective. Everything is small, everything is distant and still you can feel you understand and live this landscape in a more real and aware way. You are present to you, to your partner who is holding your hand.

You fly over castles, medieval towns and beautiful rural landscapes. You think you will visit them once you will get down and you will, living new emotions. However, it will be difficult to forget this amazing feeling of following the wind, be totally left to its power, and still be safe and at ease.

Now the heart is coming towards you. You are landing like a bird with new eyes to look at the world. And in case all those new emotions made you a bit hungry, the solution is just few steps away. The sun is setting and you are sipping a wine that comes from the very same vineyards you have sailed upon with your balloon, one of the best wines in the world. Isn’t life beautiful?

Giulia Grimaldi

Itinerary: A WALK IN THE CLOUDS. Flying over the Langhe balloon

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