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More than wine

    Interview with Tobias Hug
  • TobiasSmall
    Tobias Hug is the Artistic Director of the Vocalmente A Cappella Musica Festival. We've met him and here is what he told us. You were born in a family where music has always been important. So now, what is music for you?  Music is a way of communicating without words. It’s a high level of communication because it’s direct and it doesn’t flow through the head. It’s a way of connecting with other musicians and with the audience. You are both a musician and the festival artistic director. Which role do you prefer? Both equally, really. Because, as I said,…

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  • Italy from cloud nine
  • flyingH1
    Imagine a warm sunny day, a little breeze that plays with your hairs. Your working week belongs to someone else right here, right now. Close your eyes and relax. Breath deeply, calmly. You feel uplifted. You are so light you feel like flying. Wait a second. But you are actually flying! The silence around you is as softs as cream, except from a warm noise that gives rhythm to your journey. The blue sky is all around you and even below you. Further down, you find a colourful hilly land, a green and brown chessboard with lakes, rivers and, coming…

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